Ninatrans is a family based company, founded 40 years ago as Smets Transport bvba and transformed into its current form in 1986. The company is owned and lead by the family.

Ten years ago the third generation took control of the business. Directors are : Benny Smets, General Management and Marketing, his sister Nina Smets, Finance and Human Resources, her husband Bruno Vannerum, Purchasing and Dispatching.

The company has been in business for many years, therefore several costs like buildings and offices have been amortised completely. The family is also involved in other businesses to enable overhead costs to be shared among these companies.

Ninatrans is very selective in the selection of the work force. Once employed, every driver is regarded as a crucial part of the company. The relatively small size of our company enables us to have a direct and complete control on all operations. in all circumstances the drivers can contact the management at any time.

Quality in Service is our Mission Statement. We believe that, providing our customers the best possible service is our own security for the future. Therefore we want to be involved with a limited amount of customers with whom we can create long-term relationships.


At The Beginning